Car Wash Services & Detail Services

Exterior Car Wash

1.Nash -Soft cloth wash, power rinse, blow drying
$9.00 Prepaid $8.00

2.Hudson - The Nash plus 3 foam color polish glaze
underbody flush more passes to clean wheels body sealant.
$13.00 Prepaid $12.00

Interior Services

B. Kaiser - Interior vacuum, Wipe down, Windows, all door jams, body panels, Fragrance, Tire shine, wheels cleaned, crevices cleand, clean floor mats, rubber ones washed.
$14.00 Prepaid $13.00

C. Chevrolet - The Kaiser plus Spay on wax with rain-x  body treatment and hand hand buffed off a many detail giving you the best in service in 15 to 20 minutes.
$34.00 Prepaid $30.00

Detailing Services

D. Tucker - Gives you the Hudson plus Kaiser and a exterior machine Buff in our detail facility. Total time needed 1-1 1/2 hrs.
$119.00 Prepaid $109.00

E. Auburn - Gives you the Hudson the kaiser the Tucker plus a complete interior shampoo and either cloth or leather seats conditioned and cleaned.
$199.00 Prepaid $179.00

A La Carte Services

Tire Shine $5.00
Dash Shine $5.00
Rain X $5.00
Carpet Shampoo $45.00
Mat Shampoo $5.00 ea.
Cloth Seat Shampoo $45.00
Vinyl/Leather Conditioning $45.00
Polishing $75.00
Compounding $60.00
Clay Treatment $60.00
Convertible Top Care - By Estimate
Wheel Polishing $50.00
Tar and Sap Removal - By Estimate
Stonechip Repair  By Estimate
Dents - By Estimate
Engine Bay Detailing - $30.00